The new spelling of my name is COMOONA.


Hello THERE!

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The current name COMOONA is like a nickname that came from his "YAGOU" which is a second family name that functions like an emblem of the family , so it is different from the actual family name.
"YAGOU" is an old Japanese custom to distinguish kinship and relatives.
The old name COMMUNA was took the spelling from the shortened form of his song title "Communication To Another Side ".
However, the spelling COMMUNA was often mistaken for communism and slightly different from the original pronunciation of [kʌmunə] or [kəmunə], so it was changed to COMOONA, which is a closer pronunciation.

This track and video were created as a eulogy on the occasion of the passing of David Bowie.

David Bowie said "I can't give everything away" but we're given so many things by him. Thank you David Bowie, our hero! This work is an homage to him.